We are at a vantage point to introduce 5G into Nigeria

The major pain point for customers in the internet service market is quality service. VDT is committed to bridging the gap in providing quality service by using modern technologies to offer services like dedicated business internet, digital leased line, internet fiber connection and others. The industry still faces a few challenges trying to tackle secure and reliable power infrastructure, taxation and security of property. However, the market demand continues to grow and the totality of the different operators cannot meet demands in terms of service quality and coverage. VDT is therefore committed to playing it’s part in the

The world is talking about 5G but some parts of the world is yet to experience. 4G. With artificial intelligence and self-driving cars, VDT is positioned to offer great value in the market space with the Long Term Evolution (LTE) infrastructure integrated into the system.

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VDT is a strong player in terms of 4G service, especially since the acquisition of 2.3GHz spectrum from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) in 2016. What preparation is the company making towards the future deployment of 5G services in Nigeria?

We are still grappling with deploying 4G generally around the world and not just in Nigeria. 4G has not really been dense enough world over. However, the direction eventually is 5G and I believe we would get there. For us to have autonomous vehicles, Artificial Intelligence and others, 5G needs to come in. VDT is at a vantage position to be a foremost company in the introduction of 5G in Nigeria because the infrastructure that we have built is built from the ground up. We don’t have 3G, our infrastructure is built on the Long Term Evolution (LTE) foundation and 5G is coming on this new LTE foundation so we would be one of the first companies to provide this service when it comes. In fact, what we are currently providing is actually a 4G advanced service which is also known as 4G plus.


Is VDT partnering with any Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to ensure that adequate devices for your advanced 4G service are readily available for customers in this market?

In the telecom world, you can’t do it alone. Even the bigger Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) actually work through the sellers. We are using the same kind of model to move the service. VDT is currently partnering with OEMs, supermarkets and others to ensure wide spread across the city. We have signed about 45 resellers and 50 sales outlets in Lagos.


How does VDT come up with investments in its business and is the company looking at the possibility of going to the capital market in the future?

VDT has operated in this market for more than 18 years, and one thing we believe in is building a legacy, and the only way to do that is to open up the business to raise more investible funds. We have advisers that will let us know the appropriate time to go into the capital market. We are not opposed to listing on the stock exchange but we need to do it in a way that does not crash the system. VDT is operating for the long run, so we will definitely come to the market at the right time.


Is VDT interested in playing in the space of payment service banking?

We are interested in playing in everything digital and not just being a digital payment service provider and that is why we are currently working on customer acquisition. Many of these digital services such as artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles and the likes are going to be driven by the connectivity companies.

Source: BusinessDay
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