VDT Appoints Onamari Horsfall as COO of Wholesale and Retail Sales

VDT has appointed Onamari Horsfall as the new COO for Wholesale and Retail Sales. Prior to joining VDT, he was the Sales Chief/General Manager – Sales at Smile Communications Nigeria Limited. There, he grew sales and revenue with daily/ monthly device sales by 65% and increased monthly airtime purchase by 25% over a period of 3 months. He was also responsible for restructuring the sales division and improving productivity.

He holds a Doctorate degree (Ph.D.) in Credit Management from University of Panama. He is also a Fellow – Institute of Credit Administration, Fellow– Institute of Professional Managers Association, Member – Nigerian Institute of Marketing, Member – National Institute of Marketing Nigeria.

Onamari is a winner of numerous awards for his outstanding performance, including, but not limited to Credit Management Director of the Year, Outstanding Director/ Leadership Award and Ambassador of Excellence, Abia State University Lawn Tennis Club.

Onamari Horsfall brings with him to VDT, skills in strategic planning, project management, people performance and management, sales execution and commercialisation etc.

He is interested in lawn tennis, travelling and music. Onamari is happily married with children.

In his role, he will work closely with his team and key stakeholders in VDT Communications, providing support to achieve the business strategies in line with the company’s business plan.

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