SMEs Applaud VDT SMEmpower for Offering Huge Value

Customers across the Nigeria have applauded SMEmpower, the SME package of VDT Communications Limited, a leading broadband communications provider, for the huge value it is offering to support the SMEs in the country.

The SME support package popularly known as VDT SMEmpower is a premium quality internet service package at affordable cost for the SMEs. VDT Communications adapted the SME internet service from the same premium broadband communications services it offers to about 90% of banks and 80% of insurance companies, as well as, prominent multinational and indigenous blue-chip companies across all sectors in Nigeria to support the SMEs at more affordable cost. This is to enable the SMEs achieve smoother and speedier operations  thereby ensuring accelerated growth and continuous business success.

SMEmpower offers immense benefits to customers through the provision of superfast and reliable internet service at affordable cost nationwide. The service uptime is upto 99.9%. This means that with SMEmpower businesses enjoy readily available high quality internet service 24/7. SMEmpower also provides proactive and superior quality customer service support 24/7/365.

Apart from affordable monthly data  plans such as a whopping  35 GB unlimited data for just N10,000, 60GB for N13,500 and  120GB for N20,000 etc, the service offers free night usage;  from 8pm to 6am and the possibility to rollover the unused data. Also, customers who make payment for 3months get free 25GB in addition to their subscribed data bundle and those who pay for 6months get free 50GB.

In addition, the SMEmpower offers immense value added services such as Branded Website Creation, Web Space Hosting, Business Domain Name Registration and Unlimited Business Emails – all which are aimed at helping SMEs to achieve more speedy and hassle-free operations and at affordable cost.

VDT Communications Limited, an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 20000:2018 internationally certified for excellent IT service management is passionate about consistently offering the highest possible quality of service to her customers. Apart from SMEmpower, premium Enterprise MPLS Broadband Services offered by VDT include: Digital Leased Circuit, Metro Wireless Access, Metro Fibre, Corporate Internet, ATM solutions, Wifi Hotspot and Cloud services. VDT also offers 4G Lte Advanced Retail Internet Services for individual and homes. In all its services, the company strives to maintain innovative,   world class service quality and best practices; satisfying and delighting her customers.

SMEmpower is delighting her current customers across Nigeria. With SMEmpower, the challenges usually faced by SMEs in achieving accelerated growth have been significantly reduced. We are inviting all SMEs in Nigeria to come on board, take advantage of the immense benefits offered by SMEmpower and take their businesses to the next level.

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“VDT is very proactive and I will definitely recommend VDT to anybody”

Olisemeka Omon
CIO, Leadway Insurance