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The VDT SMEmpower is designed for small and medium businesses to connect faster to customers and accelerate their growth. In this age of IoT (Internet of things), today’s customers have gotten smarter and less patient. A lot of businesses today are faced with the challenge of differentiating their brand and simultaneously meeting the needs of more customers who are constantly exposed to other numerous brands in the market.

With the VDT SMEmpower you don’t have to worry about slow internet network. Now your business can stand out and enjoy customized internet solution that streamlines your processes to help you break through the barriers to growth. It will also reduce your cost of operation significantly, providing premium telecommunication solutions to grow your business and professional experience to maximize your return on investment.

MERCURY N10,000 35GB+Unlimited Night Up to 5Mbps
MARS N13,500 60GB+Unlimited Night Up to 5Mbps
EARTH N15,000 75GB+Unlimited Night Up to 5Mbps
VENUS N20,550 120GB+Unlimited Night Up to 5Mbps
NEPTUNE N32,000 200GB+Unlimited Night Up to 5Mbps
URANUS N42,000 300GB+Unlimited Night Up to 5Mbps


No, the device isn’t mobile. It requires installation of a wireless radio and indoor router at your premises.

Yes. While it has been designed as a professional service, internet connectivity is an essential and as such the product is customizable for home use.

No. However, all data plans become unlimited for FREE at night between 8pm to 6am.

No. The service is not dedicated.

Yes. Any data can be rolled over to the next validity period.

The maximum number of users on the network is 10. Our corporate internet for large scale enterprises is best recommended for businesses with a large number of workers.

Yes. You would be required to pay a one-time installation fee after a network survey has been conducted. This survey is free.

Our network is available across Nigeria, however, a survey would be conducted to confirm network availabilty.

A survey would be conducted at your location before installation. This suvery is free of charge.

How can we help you?

Feel free to talk to our online representative at any time you please using our Live Chat system on our website.

“VDT is very proactive and I will definitely recommend VDT to anybody”

Olisemeka Omon
CIO, Leadway Insurance

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