Simple Tips For Creating A Strong Password For Your Business Accounts

How are you creating a strong password for your business accounts? Investing in cybersecurity is non-negotiable. It is a critically important aspect for businesses given the increase in online activities today.

Here are a few tips on ensuring access security in your business.

Update Your Password Policy Regularly

Attackers are getting more advanced all the time, so it is important you regularly revisit your password policy. Be sure to use the latest technology and tricks to remain safe.

Use Different Passwords for Different Accounts

No matter how secure you think your password may be, using it across different platforms and accounts puts your business at risk.  Never use the same password for all log-ins because if one account gets hacked, all accounts get hacked.

Make The Password Unique

Using simple combinations like ‘123456’ is one of the most unsecured ways of choosing a password. Password is considered strong and secure when using a variety of uppercase, lowercase letter, numbers and symbols.

The Longer the Password the Better

Having a long password is on of the simple steps you can take to building a better password. Most websites now require a minimum password length, but going above the minimum number is always a better idea.

Use Password Management Software

Using different passwords for different accounts can be confusing. A password manager can create random unique passwords for each site and remember each one of them. It stores and encrypts each password and log you into your account automatically.

You can always secure your SME user account with the right password and keep close monitoring of your data usage. Talk to us today for installation. Call 0906 298 0218

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