3 Things to Position Your Business for Effective Digital Transformation

A lot has been said about digital transformation but what does it really mean and how can it impact your business today. Every business begun before the internet now faces the challenge of how to compete in the digital age. Digital transformation is not only about updating your technology but updating your business strategy. Traditional businesses need to challenge their assumptions in the domain of customers, value, competition and data.


Digital transformation is about understanding and remodeling business processes and systems based on existing information and data. It involves employing digital accelerators to improve efficiencies in the business environment. More businesses need to understand the impact as it may require developing new business model that results in adoption of new production process, new delivery channels, working collaboratively with suppliers or product co-development with customers.


Traditional businesses can be transformed by using disruptive technologies, harnessing faster processing, better networking, increased bandwidth, cheaper technology and diverse devices. Many years ago, the Encyclopedia was the world’s resource for information about any subject, today that has been replaced with search engines like Google.


Technology is a key driver and catalyst for digital transformation in any business. It facilitates a fast trial pace, ease of adoption, management of adaptation and further innovations. To kick start your digital transformation journey here are some technologies to consider:

  1. Broadband and wireless – this ensures fast data transfer as you experiment with innovations, having an always-on connection. The opportunities are boundless including data back-up, remote monitoring etc. The challenge however are data contention and share bandwidth, service outage or working offline.
  2. Cloud Technologies – This provides the opportunity to scale in business, collaborate with experts across the world, accessed from any internet-enabled device and try before purchase.
  3. Data Analytics – Your business must be able to access real-time insight on business and have accurate results to influence decision making.

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