How to Boost Productivity in a Remote Workforce Using Process Automation

We all like to stay productive in our workspace. But since most employees are no longer under a single roof due to the adoption of remote work; monitoring and ensuring productivity may become a challenge. Having many to-do lists may seem like much work but ineffective work. How then can your business resolve this challenge? Process automation is here to save the day!

What is Process Automation

Process automation is the usage of technology in accomplishing repetitive and recurring processes in a business. Process automation makes manual tasks easier. That’s pretty it. But here’s what it looks like; automating an action minimizes human efforts in attaining certain results. 

How Can Process Automation Boosts Productivity

1. Workflow Automation for HR Professionals

Rather than have your HR team working repeatedly on processes like job postings, tracking performance, screening of candidates, and offboarding of employees, process automation makes it easier.

2. Relieving the Workload on IT staff

The IT departments of companies had to step in to set up other employees in their home offices. While they might be busy, they are not directly contributing to bringing up ideas that would strategically move the company forward. 

With automation processes, IT teams do not need to attend to several demands in person. Rather than have employees wait and be delayed, process automation can be set up to provide prompt responses to popular issues and thus boosting the productivity of the workforce.

3. Process Automation for Maintaining Project Flow

It was easy to pull all employees into a single room and discuss a pending project when teams worked physically. This is also possible with videoconferencing and chat tools. But, it’s easy to overlook chats, gestures cannot be read into chats, and neither are video conferences easy and convenient to hold. 

4. Process automation for daily operations

Rather than have employees attend to certain operations manually, tasks like invoice processing and testing of software work better with automated processes. For example, an employee might take hours to perform a task while an automated process costs some minutes. What more? Mistakes are reduced and more accurate results are attained. This will lead to much more work being accomplished and thus improving employee productivity. 

5. Automation gives clarity

Before your business can automate any process whether it’s employee onboarding or purchase orders, you need to know the tasks that need to be done. Also, you’ll have to identify the persons responsible for achieving the tasks. Clarity then allows your employees to know what to do per time. While working remotely, individuals are aware of their tasks, and then staying focused on achieving them will become easier. 


Just before you spend more time griping over remote work and employee productivity, think of automating certain tasks. Manual processes truly take a toll on employee productivity and might be the reason your remote employees aren’t performing optimally. Looking into process automation in the areas discussed above will boost employee productivity and improve the growth of your company.


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