Handling Children Mental Health Crisis

The rate at which young children and teenagers suffer depression, consider suicide and abuse dangerous substances has become alarming across the country. According to reports from the World Health Organization (WHO), half of all the mental illness, begin at age 14 while three-quarter of this number is seen by mid-20s. The implication of this statistics is that a vast number of young people suffer mental health challenges. However, lack of required intervention at such an early age prevents many of them from growing into healthy adults that can effectively navigate through life’s ups and downs.

To tackle this issue of mental health crises in young people, the management of Corona Schools, one of the foremost providers of post-primary education and a prestigious customer of VDT Communications organised a free one-day symposium for teachers, parents and school management at Tafawa Balewa Square auditorium, Lagos on Saturday, March 23rd, 2019.

The well-attended event saw a number of experts shed light on major topics and factors affecting mental health in children. Mrs. Adedoyin Adesina, the CEO of Corona Schools Trust Council, welcomed all attendees to the event, making mention of the worrisome state the issue of mental health in children had become.

In her welcome address, Mrs. Adesina said, “Mental health issues have become more disastrous than sicknesses like diabetes, asthma, cancer and even HIV. This is the time for parents, teachers and caregivers to be more sensitive and deliberate about moulding the next generation and be well knowledgeable to do it the right way because times are changing”

In attendance was the Marketing Communications Manager, VDT Communications who commented on the significance of the event as being, “a crucial gathering which more parents, teachers and wards must attend in order to be better equipped in caring for children with mental health challenges”.

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