Enterprise Broadband Solutions

This service is a dedicated, secured, high speed, reliable solution for customers requiring point-to-point connection between your organization’s Head Office and its branches nationwide.

The service rides on leased major national carriers’ backbone link that is based on the Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) infrastructure rings of the multiple carriers. (we ensure 2 carriers to each PoP).

The company’s Network infrastructure design is structured towards providing a broad range of end-to-end efficient and reliable Enterprise MPLS/VPN-based (Data, Voice, and Video communication) services across Nigeria while building a long term, trusted partnership with our numerous clients.

Data, Video, Voice transfer along the fiber links at a speedy rate, hence enabling effectiveness and efficiency of Digital Communication Process. Our implementation is flexible and allow for modern technological variation when required. Channelization equipment has been deployed to allow for varied bandwidth scalability on request from time to time.

This service is a secured, high speed, reliable solution for customers requiring dedicated point-to-point connection between your organization’s Head Office and its branches nationwide.

VDT operates APN service to provide reliable and fast link network for ATM machines and cash centers at minimal cost. The VDT APN solution enables us adapt and offer secure multiple broadband internet connections (i.e. from 3G/LTE service providers), thus allowing enterprises control cost.

This solution is primarily used for but not limited to providing enterprise service to areas with limited coverage. This is achieved by leveraging on extended coverage of mobile network operators (3G/LTE).

This establishes inter head office/branches link through VDT points-of-presence, in a Point-to-Multipoint arrangement and also in a Point-to-Point connectivity Medium. With this the bandwidth would be distributed from our point-of-presence to your branch offices ensuring proactive monitoring from our station.

The equipment deployed for services deliver digital signal bandwidth of 128kbps up to E1 (2Mbps) and integrates seamlessly with common IP routing equipment.

Our service level agreement with all customers is second to none as we resolve any incident in the shortest possible time with a customer support service that is on stand-by 24/7.

Available within the cities of Lagos and Abuja, this also establishes inter Head Office/Branch connectivity. Bandwidth delivered is dedicated to the customer the fiber is specifically built for/connected to.

Civil works –trenching, laying of the HDPE pipe, warning tape installation and backfilling, are expect of the metro fiber installation. The fiber cable is installed spliced and tested to ensure service quality.

Our service delivers digital signal bandwidth from 1Mbps up to 10Gbps capacities, ensuring seamless integration with our routing equipment.

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