Difference Between Dedicated vs Shared Internet Access

Your business is going to thrive, or not, based on your choices of internet service providers. Your business needs to be on the cutting edge of technology in order to keep up with the fast pace of what everyone else is doing. Being aware of the available high-speed internet options and choosing the right one is how you can have a competitive advantage.

Two Major High-Speed Internet Options

Your business is facing two major high speed internet options: 

  • A dedicated internet connection
  • A shared internet connection 

Dedicated Internet Connection

A dedicated internet connection is a connection that is dedicated to one user. Simple. There is no sharing bandwidth among users and devices; each user has their own portion of bandwidth dedicated solely to themselves.  This is one of the best high speed internet options for organizations with many users, cloud-based phones, or web-enabled devices.

Shared Internet Connection

Most businesses and homes have a shared internet connection. This means they have an internet service that’s shared among other users and can be accessed on different devices an internal networks. A shared internet connection means that all bandwidth is split among all users and devices. With many people connected at any given time, the bandwidth becomes stretched over all of them.

The Difference Between Dedicated and Shared Internet Is Easy To See

Breaking down the differences in 6 major areas might make things a bit clearer when it comes to considering your high speed internet options. 

1) Speed. Dedicated bandwidth does not share with other subscribers; it ensures guaranteed speed. A shared connection means a downgraded connection during peak hours when other subscribers are using it. 

2) Service. Dedicated internet connection guarantees quality and speed. There are no guarantees with a shared network.  

3) Reliability. If your business requires a static IP, dedicated connections are reliable and secure. Shared internet does not always offer static IPs, making them less secure. 

4) Reparability. If there is an interruption in service, a dedicated field service engineering team can get you up and running in minimal time. With cable sharing, there is usually no time expectations for repairs. 

5) Clarity. With a dedicated connection, voice and video connections are crystal clear. Shared networks have steady voice and video traffic but not always as clear as dedicated connection. 

6) Privacy. Dedicated internet connections are secure, and information stays private during information transfers. With a shared network, your information is sent over a public connection that makes it susceptible to attack. 

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