COVID 19: Stay Safe, Stay Connected

On 11thof March 2020, the World Health Organization declared corona virus (COVID-19) a global pandemic. The growing number of cases of COVID-19 in Nigeria is giving many people cause for concern. We commend the government and those at the front line for the efforts in place to save infected patients of the virus. At the same time, our hearts go out to the families who have lost their loved ones and organizations who have lost their personnel to this ravaging virus.

For us at VDT, our outmost objective is to ensure the safety of our staff and all stakeholders including customers and business continuity.

Consequently, we have put in place the following measures:

  2. We are encouraging all our staff and customers to observe the general safety rules, some of which include:
  • Regular washing of hands and using of hand sanitizers
  • Social distancing and avoiding large gatherings
  • Avoiding handshake
  • Safe distance from anyone coughing or sneezing
  • Good Respiratory hygiene
  • Avoid touching your face with unclean hands
  1. Large gathering for meetings in and out of our offices have been suspended for the time being. We are encouraging the use of technologies such as video conferencing facilities, regular audio-conference calls and other teleworking facilities for meetings and other business engagements till further notice.


  1. All physical meetings have been suspended.


  1. Travel restrictions have been instituted for all business-related domestic and international travels, especially to COVID-19 infected countries.


  • All our staff have been advised to self-report when their family members or friends travel, especially to COVID-19 infected countries. Personal travels and those returning from trips to affected countries are mandated to be self-quarantined for 14days.



i. Telecommuting Enablement and Simulation

We have put in place technology to enable virtual meetings and collaboration and we actively encourage virtual meetings with both internal and external stakeholders including the capabilities for 80% of the staff to work remotely.


iii. Enhanced Digital Channels

We have enhanced our digital channels to remotely service all our clients’ needs, as we expect increased traffic on these electronic channels, including the customer service desk, where we have experience staff, in readiness to deploy additional resources to meet the probable rise in customer traffic. In addition, all operational staff are equipped to work remotelywith no compromise to IT security or communications.


iii. 24/7 Efficient Customer Service Support

Our Customer Support Desk is optimized to guarantee 24/7 premium support at it’s peak.


iv. Redundancies Trunk Services on Standby

We have a number of redundancies trunk services secured to all our POPs and on standby to provide critical supports as the need arises


  1. Contingency for Possible Lockdown
  • We have made provisions for easy access plan for on-site personnel to attend to critical issues and faults that may arise requiring physical intervention during the lock-down


  • We have made provisions for adequate resources at our various POPs to ensure POPs are powered throughout the lockdown.


  • Also, our POPs have geographical redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities that can be monitored and managed remotely.


v. Vendor Dependencies:

We have secured enough spares and necessary equipment and materials to avoid stock-out of critical supplies. We have assurances and standing contractual agreements with our critical Suppliers and vendors to have in place contingency plans for business continuity purposes in the event of crisis such as a possible lock-down owing to COVID-19 pandemic.


vi.  Access:

  • Customer Support Desk -24/7: 0700 8000 8000.
  • Additional Telephone lines: 01-271411-2
  • Escalations:
  • Official Email Address:
  • Social Media Channels: Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube

Be assured that we are doing our possible best to keep our staff and all stakeholders safe. We will continue to provide premium quality services that we are known for to our customers throughout this period.

Once again, we sympathize with those who have lost their loved ones to the COVID-19 pandemic, as we continue to pray for the recovery of infected persons and for this pandemic to cease as soon as possible so that our lives and businesses will go back to normalcy.

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