Corporate Internet

Delivered via the International Submarine Cable(s), these cables are connected to Tier One ISP in Europe for onward transfer to the rest of the world. The multi-layer International Gateway fibre cables give VDT the ability to provide an alternate backup solution and a consistent Internet delivery to its numerous customers.

The corporate internet access solution provided by VDT is reliable, highly available and offers dedicated, secure and managed internet access with the highest service levels.

The WiFi Hotspot (with centralized monitoring) are essentially wireless access points providing network and or internet access to mobile devices like your laptop or smartphone, typically in public locations.

Typical WiFi hotspot venues include cafés, libraries, airports and hotels.


  1. Access to simultaneous users through their mobile devices.
  2. Good coverage delivery through the use of optimized wifi access points.
  3. Cost effective solution.
  4. Centralized authentication and monitoring.
  5. Customer login page customization to include logo.
  6. Page redirect to registration page for OTP generation.
  7. Website filtering and access control for security purpose.
  8. Management of users based on duration of login/maximum data cap.
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Funke Opeke
Managing Director, Mainone