4 Steps Your Business Can Take To Build Resilience Through The Covid 19 Lockdown

The corona virus outbreak has changed the way thousands of companies need to operate, especially for Nigeria businesses. However, there are important things your business can start doing to remain relevant to your customers in the market during this lockdown period. Here are some of the ways to build resilience in your business.

1. Keep yourself safe and informed:
Stay safe at home but stay connected to know what is happenings. Get verified updates from official sources so you know how the situation affects your business. With this, you create swift means to make informed decision about the next step for your business.

2. Stay in touch with your customers:
Your customers need you to reassure them that you’re doing your best and you care for them during this lockdown.  Be proactive in sharing important information with your customers using email marketing, blog posts and social media. Communication is key.

3. Prepare a customer service plan:
There will be an increase in questions and requests from customers during this moment. Have an active system to attend to customers’ needs. Some effective ways to do that are by having an effective social media communication channels like twitter or facebook, your website live chat, setting up a WhatsApp Business profile, toll-free customer care lines.

4. Bring your business online:
It is no longer business as usual for businesses. There is no better time to consider actively selling your products or service online. You can opt for offering online pre-booking for your services, online consulting or training etc.

At VDT, we want to ensure as many businesses as possible are able to survive this trying season by showing them how to navigate the market with innovative strategies. We are all playing our part to flatten the curve. Take advantage of our reliable internet service network infrastructure to stay connected right now. #staysafe #stayconnected.

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